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  Products Name:Tibetan Bulls   
 Products Introduction:
    The sacred purity of the Qinghai-Tibet snow gave birth to a beautiful living environment for the profound Tibetan myth Guide county Spark Technology Co., Ltd.-depth development of the (non prescription) Lubian, yak whip, honey and other plateau cauliflower, both mediation Warming, kidney-yang, the leaks, Yijing, erection weakness, prostatitis, cystitis, cystitis, sexual dysfunction effect. Has been scientifically formulated, using modern high-tech ultra-low temperature extraction process concentrated refined bull Honey pill made of Tibet (Tibetan yak whip pill), give full play to the flora and fauna of high activity, so that troubled men and women feel a warm family life. This product is no dependence, no side effects of natural flora and fauna, to the depth of the body to maintain, let you get back the feeling of the young. The FDA will often wear your life and body to increase vitality.


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